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Our goal at Scottsdale’s Best Flight School is to provide the best flight instruction in the newest, safest, most technologically advanced training aircraft around. Our friendly flight instructors will tailor a training program to fit your needs and schedule so you can accomplish your aviation goals as quickly as possible. We fly Cessna 172S Skyhawks with Garmin G1000 avionics.  The Skyhawk is one of the most forgiving airplanes to fly which makes it a pleasure to learn in.  Learning to fly can be a challenge which is why one of our guiding principles is Flying is fun, learning to fly should be too.

We are committed to providing you with a fun and professional training environment where you can see your flying dreams become reality.  Whether you are a weekend flyer or you have dreams of becoming an airline pilot, we are here to help.

Certificates, Ratings, and Endorsements Offered at Scottsdale’s Premier Flight School at KSDL

If you are interested in flight training, come and check out the best flight school with the newest aircraft located here at the Scottsdale Airport, Identifier KSDL.
Scottsdale is located in the north east part of Phoenix.
Many of our Scottsdale Flight Students finance their Flight Training to obtain their Pilot License.

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