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Scottsdale’s Best Flight School in sunny Scottsdale, AZ is a family owned and operated flight school.
We have a single mission which is teaching folks to fly while being “Best of Class” in doing it!

We fly the best airplanes with the latest technology. Garmin, Garmin everywhere!!
We have the best flight instructors.
We teach the best way possible to generate the best pilots anywhere.
We are the BEST flight school that offers the BEST flight training in Scottsdale, PERIOD!

So, we help individuals realize the dream of becoming a pilot. Whether your goal is a new career or just want the fun and mobility of flying from point to point…. or flying to Sedona for lunch, come see us. We fly for all the above reasons.

Becoming a pilot in sunny Scottsdale, AZ and build a great career/income or provide easy and safe travel in personal comfort. If you want to start a career or fly on your own to avoid the security lines, crowds, and other hassles associated with commercial travel, we can help you reach your dreams.

We’d love to teach you to fly.

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We LOVE to teach students to fly!

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