PPL – Private Pilot License in Scottsdale, AZ

So you have decided to take flight lessons and become a Pilot in Scottsdale, AZ!

Congratulations on your decision of earning your Private Pilot’s License!

You might just want to fly for leisure or you might want to pursue a career as a Pilot in the Aviation Business.
Either way, the Private Pilot License is the beginning of this exciting journey!
We at the Premier Flight School in Scottsdale, AZ have brand new aircraft with G1000 Glass Cockpits.
Don’t get fooled by other flight schools that have aircraft with “Steam Gauge” instruments.
You definitely want to learn to fly with the latest technology and in the newest aircraft possible.
Our Cessna 172 and our Cirrus SR22 are fully equipped with Glass Cockpits, 3-Axis Autopilots, ADS-B Out and the Cirrus even has XM Radio!

Every Airline Pilot had to get their Private Pilots License (PPL) first and work his way through the next endorsements and licenses such as Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot License, and then move on to the ATP (Airline Transport Pilot License).

What better place to take flying lessons and earn your Private Pilot License than right here in sunny Scottsdale, AZ?!

Call Scottsdale’s Best Flight School at Scottsdale Airport, KSDL or fill out the form below to start your journey of becoming a Pilot by earning your Private Pilot Licence!

CFI and Student in an airplane on approach to the Scottsdale Airport
Get your Private Pilot License in Scottsdale with Leopard Aviation Flight Training
Let’s get started!

Let’s get started! Earn your PPL!

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